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Choir Instructions*

* can be used for choir, band, orchestra, or any other ensemble :)

Feel free to use or modify the below instructions for your music ensemble:


  • Find a quiet place to record away from distractions with good light (a closet can sometimes work!)
  • Wear a solid color top - preferably not black or white.
  • Use headphones when you record. We only want to hear your voice, not the other track.
  • Practice with the rehearsal track as often as you need to in order to feel comfortable with the song.
  • Use your Chromebook, computer, laptop or phone (horizontal) to record. Test your sound first!


  • Click "Song Studio" to enter the studio.
  • You may hit play to practice before you're ready.
  • When you click "Add Track" the Score track (or other accompaniment track or click track) will appear as well as your own video stream. You can select one of the accompaniment tracks to be your lead track.
  • Click "Start Recording" and the video will begin.
  • It will play through from beginning to end and record you.
  • Your track will automatically sync up. If, for some reason, the sync doesn't quite work (computer lag), I can straighten it out.
  • You may preview your recording and judge how it sounds. Discard the recording and re-record if you need to. Otherwise, click "Add to Song" at the bottom of the page.
  • You're done. You can do a second track if you'd like.

All videos to be completed by <your editing date here> Email <music director's email> with questions.

Credit for this preparation guide goes to Steve Danielson