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EasyVirtualChoir Newsletter #3

Happy summer! We have some exciting new updates and community events to share with you.

1. New! Custom audio editing features

We're excited to announce one of our long-awaited features: a new audio editor for EasyVirtualChoir! Our new audio editor lets you group and mix tracks by section, giving you additional controls for noise reduction, panning, and reverb! See how in our new video tutorial.

audio editor video tutorial

2. Sing Along with the Global Family Virtual Choir!

World Children's Chorus Logo

We've partnered with the Global Family Virtual Choir to put together our first worldwide sing along! Here's a message from their director, Sondra Harnes:

We are inviting children and adults from every country on every continent to sing together online. We believe art and music are vehicles for social change. We believe everyone can learn to sing with beauty, artistry, and joy. Singing beautiful songs of love and hope can help heal our hearts, minds and bodies; break through our differences; inspire us to work together; and give us the strength to carry on. Join us in our mission to use singing as a vehicle to increase compassion, tolerance, and understanding and building unity around the world.

This project features a new composition "Love Sings A New Song for the World", and registration begins on July 6th. All are welcome to join - no prior vocal or choral training is required. For more information, please see their announcement and website at!

3. Independence Day Music Festival!

We're excited to announce a new music festival for independence day! It will run throughout the month of July. While all songs are welcome, we will have special prizes for songs celebrating Independence Day (or any equivalent day in your country)! In addition, songs submitted to this festival will have access to all bronze, silver, and gold features. We're excited to see what you will create!

And that's it for today's newsletter. You may view prior editions of our newsletter here. Happy singing and happy summer!

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