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Why is your site free?

This site was made to help my church in California create virtual choir videos more easily during Covid. For the first 4 months of the pandemic, our church found virtual choir videos too daunting to create. Now, they create a 25-30 person choir video every other week! I soon realized this tool could help many more people, so I've opened it up to the public for free. Our site is supported by user donations. If you would like to donate, please see the "Donate button" on the bottom of our homepage

I pray that this site will bring much joy, connection, and encouragement in this unique and challenging time!

How do I invite collaborators?

Simply share the link to your song! Once your collaborator signs in, they may add a track to your song.

What does Remix do?

Remixing a song duplicates the song to your own account. This allows you to make changes to the song (adding new tracks, deleting old ones, changing track volumes, etc.) without altering the original song. This is most useful if you want to take a song into a new direction, sing a song with a different group of people, or practice a song privately before contributing to the main song.

What does the "Load" button on each track mean?

When previewing a song in the Song Studio, by default each track will be streamed over your internet connection. When you have lots of tracks, this can cause your playback to stutter. To fix this, you can pre-load tracks to your computer with the "Load" button, or pre-load all tracks using "Load all tracks" on the bottom right of the screen. If you don't see a Load button, it means the video is already pre-loaded onto your computer.

I am experiencing lag with Bluetooth headphones

We have noticed that Bluetooth headphones often lag behind the accompaniment. To fix this, visit the manual realignment page in the Song Studio.

Can I upload more tracks after the first one?

Right now we have a message that says you can only upload the first video track, but not subsequent video tracks. This is because uploading subsequent tracks could cause problems with track alignment. However, we are working on a way to do this. Stay tuned!

Do you support mobile? (iPad / iPhone / Android)

Yes, as of mid March, 2021! In addition to supporting Google Chrome running on a laptop, desktop computer, or Chromebook, we have an iOS app for iPhone and iPad, and an Android app.

iPhone & iPad app:
Android app:

How many tracks can I have in a song?

We haven't yet set a limit on the maximum number of tracks. A 50 person song will work well. If you have an ensemble with 100+ tracks, please contact us (see below for contact information). We can work with you to make sure everything works smoothly with that number of tracks.

Have other questions? Reach out by visiting and filling out the form under "? > Contact".