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New: Multi-Language Support!

Would you like to use EasyVirtualChoir in another language? Or have friends overseas that you'd like to invite to your song?

If so, great news! We've just enabled multi-language support for EasyVirtualChoir.

The currently supported languages include:

  • English (default)
  • 简体中文 -- Simplified Chinese
  • 繁體中文 -- Traditional Chinese
  • Español -- Spanish
  • Français -- French
  • Deutsch -- German
  • Português -- Portuguese
  • Український -- Ukrainian
  • 日本 -- Japanese
  • русский -- Russian
  • Română -- Romanian

Changing your language

If your default browser language is not English, you will automatically see a language switcher in the top right of the page.


Use the select box to change your language:


If your default browser language is English, use the interface to navigate to your settings page:


There, you will see a place to change your language:


Suggesting a better translation

For many languages, our default translations come from Google Translate. Unfortunately our team doesn't speak 12 different languages!

If you would like to improve a translation, please right click to suggest a new one.


The right click menu will link you to a new page on where you can suggest a new translation. To use the translation suggestions website, please sign in and follow the tutorial instructions here:

Requesting a new language

Want to request support for another language? Let us know at!

We hope adding support for these new languages will help you to make more music with friends around the world!