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Privacy Policy

EasyVirtualChoir handles login via the user's Google account. (User's Google accounts for Children under 13 are expected to follow the current Google privacy policy. For Google/Gmail Account Privacy, please visit Privacy Notice for Google Accounts)

We require that schools and/or teachers using EasyVirtualChoir to get the parental consent required by COPPA. EasyVirtualChoir can be used in compliance with COPPA as long as a school has parental consent in place. Please read more about COPPA here

Physical and network security of EasyVirtualChoir's stored data is protected via the Google Cloud platform hosted in Google data centers.

EasyVirtualChoir does not sell or share personal information with any third parties, except if and when required to do so by law.

Development and operation of EasyVirtualChoir are funded entirely by user donations. You may see ways to donate on our donation page. EasyVirtualChoir does not carry any ads and expects to be ad-free as long as possible.

Last updated: December 27, 2020