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User Agreement Regarding Objectionable Content Creation is made to enable its users to make music together online.

To ensure its continued success, and in compliance with guidelines mandated by companies that host our services, including Google (Alphabet Inc) and Apple Inc, we require that users to not engage in creation of objectionable content.

Objectionable content is content that most users would find to be offensive.

Some examples of objectionable content include:

  • Hate speech about religion, race and gender.
  • Sexually explicit content,
  • Content that portrays extreme violence or that encourages violence,
  • Content involving Illegal activities such as drug use and gambling.

We retain the right to remove objectionable content, and for users who create repeatedly such content, we retain the right to disable such users from using our site.

If you encounter any objectionable content or abusive users on the site, you may notify us via email at

This Agreement was last modified and effective as of March 8, 2021