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We're so glad EasyVirtualChoir has been able to help various church choirs, school choirs, bands, and orchestras! Here is what some of our users have to say.

If you'd like to share your experience, please email us at easyvirtualchoir <at> gmail <dot> com!

Easy Virtual Choir is the answer to my prayers!

Students have missed performing and this is such an easy way to get students engaged and back to performing. The program is so easy to navigate and use for both the teacher & students. The students love the instant virtual choirs it generates and thus keeping the excitement for choir at an all time high since Distance Learning started.

Sharing our Virtual performances with parents has also given them a sense of accomplishment for their students and everyone is so proud that they want to share the videos with grandparents, family & friends. Students enjoy seeing themselves on the screen as they record and I love to see the enthusiasm come back for choir.

Allan Jiang at Easy Virtual Choir is so knowledgable & helpful with any questions - again making the process so easy! I love everything about and look forward to using it on a weekly basis as a wonderful way to assess my students. I have tried many other programs and this is THE BEST PROGRAM for good quality & easy results!

- Diane H, Chippewa Middle School

After struggling the first semester with singing together while in a distance learning situation, the frustration level was quite high for me and my choral students. We want to sing together, but it has been extremely frustrating. Finding Easy Virtual Choir, though it has some limitations, is an easy way create a virtual choir quickly. I used it for the first time yesterday after returning from winter break. We quickly recorded a version of "Happy Birthday". I was amazed at how easy it is to use and how quickly one can put together a performance. The students thoroughly enjoyed being able to hear themselves sing as one almost immediately. They found it to be easy to use. I highly recommend that you have your students use corded ear buds/headphones.

- Kaylon M, Shadow Hills High School

Easy Virtual Choir has taken my curriculum on a completely different tangent! We are finally able to do 'ensembles' of 50 children without a labor-intensive learning curve that would be required for other software programs.

- Marissa S, Ipswich 5th Grade Orchestra

EasyVirtualChoir is a game changer in the times of COVID and beyond! I never took a music technology course in my life and was very overwhelmed with the idea of having to edit audio and video files to make a "tiled" video that so many ensembles have been sharing. EVC makes it all possible, and most importantly EASY and FREE. I was also able to use it with my orchestra students. My students were able to create accounts and record themselves singing right away, and we put a project together in two days, and my students' parents were THRILLED with the results. I am very much looking forward to using EVC in various ways for the rest of this year, and beyond. Thanks EVC!

- Emily R, Ramapo HS Choir

I am relieved that such a website exists! I appreciate the user friendly aspects and my students are not confused!

- Katherine G, Henley Middle School and High School BANDS

This virtual choir has been amazing! My 6th graders have been able to easily do it. Now that I know what I'm doing better, it will only get easier and easier!!!!

- Sara R, St Louis Park Middle School choir

To have a way to QUICKLY see my fellow musicians/students participating in the same song altogether is SO meaningful. We are thrilled to use EVC for rehearsing sections, having fun singing along with YouTube videos, and creating group art once again, even if not in person. I do recording and video editing, as well, and it saves me so much time, too, because now I can just focus on the final product but have EVC keeping us together in sight and sound along the way! Thank you, thank you, Allan.

- Edward S, Whittier College, Chorale Bel Canto

My choir director is thrilled how easy this was to use. Way too many complicated technologies to learn right now, and this was a breath of fresh air for him. Thank you for keeping it simple and direct.

- Edward S, La Serna High School

This is easy enough that even kindergarteners and 1st graders are figuring out how to add their voice to our virtual choir.

- Amber L, Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary

This is the answer so many of us were looking for! I don't have a huge background in sound editing and, with the pressure of producing a virtual choir, found this to be my saving grace! Use it, learn it and let this app help you and your students share music!

- Karlene S, SHS Singin' Sparts

Thank you for sharing this! It is a convenient way to produce virtual choirs and collaborate with other musicians online 😊I am grateful that the creator of this website has shared it freely for the benefit of many during this pandemic

- Percy

This is a lifesaver for music and performing arts distance learning! Within minutes kids as young as late elementary age can record themselves and contribute a video recording into a larger project seamlessly. And it is free! Music programs are dwindling right now because there is no where to perform. Kids are getting discouraged and want to perform. This is truly amazing.

- Robin M, Middle School Combined Choirs

It has allowed us to put together virtual performances with ease

- Nancy C, Sparta Middle School Choirs

I am a high school choir teacher and have been teaching choir virtually almost the entire school year. I have learned so much about audio/video editing, but do not have the experience to create an entire virtual choir presentation without having to spend hours upon hours of learning, importing, and editing. I have been dreading the whole experience. Over Christmas break I came across your website. I have already started using it with my students and I am SO excited the doors this will open for us to do several videos, all the while, saving me HOURS (as you know) of work. THANK YOU for sharing your work. This is one of the most, if not THE MOST, valuable blessings I have happened upon for my students this year!

- Toni M, Lincoln High School Choirs

The site has been very helpful in helping me a create a simple virtual concert for my children's choir. I am not tech savvy, so this was very user friendly and easy to navigate.

- Nancy C, Chinese American Music Ensemble

Easy Virtual Choir has literally been a Godsend... in these Covid times, all of us have been really missing and literally craving the opportunity to blend our voices again...Like other choirs, we did resort to Zoom rehearsals, but everyone knows that does not allow for any kind of voice blending... And then enter EVC...! Now we are doing 75-minute Zoom rehearsals to warm up and to learn a song together, part by part... followed by a 15 minute crash course on how to jump in to the EVC project that Jenn, our music director has already created, with all of the parts demonstrated right in the project. We take the week to work on it and share the results at the next rehearsal. Thanks to EVC we are blending our voices once again and having fun doing it..! Comment from a fellow singer, about the EVC experience; "I have never been able to hear and see the other singers in the choir so clearly - it's wonderful..!"

- Jean S, Celebration Singers Choirs - Vancouver Island BC

It's been a Game Changer!!! We are bedside singers who gather around hospice patients - as we are not able to do that during Covid, this is a terrific substitute!!

- Anne C, Circle of Hearts Chapter of Threshold Choir

Easy Virtual Choir has been extremely helpful to all of my ensembles. I am currently teaching in a hybrid setting (some students in-person and some online) and EVC makes it possible to create music together. Without EVC I would not be able to make these performances because other performances are much too time consuming. This program allows us to have quick ensembles that we can share with others!

- Ashley S, Arroyo Vista Middle School

My fellow Threshold Choir members and I have been having loads of fun with Easy Virtual Choir.

Our groups of volunteers normally sing at the bedsides of people who are ill or dying, which we haven't been able to do in person since the pandemic restrictions began. With social distancing, members have sometimes been able to sing solo parts to someone over the phone or via FaceTime -- but typically not in harmony with other choir members, since we are not supposed to meet together to sing.

Your website provides a way in which we may be able to allow clients to hear the songs sung for them in our usual three-part harmony (and see the singers, as well), which is ever so much better!

Also, the application is easy to use, which is important because many of our choir members are older folks who are not always advanced in the use of technology (and tend to find apps like Garage Band -- and even Zoom, for that matter! -- challenging). But your how-to video on YouTube for Easy Virtual Choir was very easy to follow, even for someone like myself who had never used any kind of computer recording technology. The controls on the website likewise seem very simple and intuitive.

I'd also mention that the website admin responds very quickly to users who write with problems or suggestions -- with virtual office hours on Zoom , no less! -- so even if someone does have questions, they are readily addressed.

We've all been impressed, during this pandemic, by the amazing videos of virtual choirs of people singing from all different parts of the world. But reportedly it can take many hours of effort to mix and synchronize so many separate sound files, so that it will sound as if people are all singing together at the same time. I find it miraculous -- and in many ways revolutionary -- how the Easy Virtual Choir app automatically synchronizes multiple different recording tracks perfectly in a matter of seconds to create a seamless audiovisual recording. It's a revelation!

Thank you for freely sharing your marvelous creation, and broadening the horizons of creative possibilities for choirs and other music groups everywhere!

- Becky M, Threshold Choir

This has been a game changer! My students make group performances or trios with themselves. It is super user friendly for both the director and the students. Thank you!!!

- Valerie P, Newhart Middle School Band & Orchestra

This site has been an amazing resource during school lockdowns to help us sing 'together' and give the children some more motivation to create choir performances. Although challenging for the 7-11 year olds who have been using it, many have successfully been able to develop the musical skills of singing to a guide track and the technical skills of using the site to record their contribution. It has been a real highlight of our vocal programme this term to have such a fabulous, intuitive site to coordinate some of our music-making and they are very proud of the final music videos. Thank you, Allan and bravo!

- Kristen C, Willington Prep Wimbledon

This has been life changing. I've done virtual choirs many different ways, but it always ends up taking at least a month, usually more, between trying to get the kids submitting, formatting, and then editing for weeks. I am working on my first one and it looks as if I will be done in less than a week. The kids are so excited to be able to see their project coming to life so quickly! I have been telling my choral director friends that they MUST try your site! saves hours, days and weeks! Also, the site is easy to use for myself and students, and anytime I had a tech issue, my email was responded to right away, with Allan showing me exactly how to fix the issue. Even if someone's alignment is slightly off, the alignment tool helps you manually fix it in seconds as opposed to endless time spent in garageband trying to line kids up sound and then hours in other programs to create grids and then align lips/words. This site means music teachers can spend less time editing and more time making music. It also means more opportunity for all virtual learners to feel like they are singing with their classmates who attend a hybrid or in school model. The bottom line is we can turn out more projects now and that makes our students happier, and our teachers happier because edit time is maybe 5% of what it used to be! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for making this free and accessible to everyone and for always answering emails! Your demo videos are amazing!! You have no idea what an impact this is making on our lives. You have basically done the impossible, so thank you!

- Barbara G, Syosset High School (3 groups- Concert Choir, Chorale, and Vocal Jazz Choir)

EasyVirtualChoir was literally an answer to prayer. My school does not have a budget for fine arts so most virtual software programs were out of the question for us. I had almost given up on the idea of having a virtual performance when I found Allan's website. It was so easy to use, gave great results, and truly made the recording process a joy!! My 6th-8th graders had no trouble accessing the site or managing the recording process. I am so incredibly grateful for!

- Alysia L, Chorus Teacher at Moultrie Middle School

I really like how well this site is set up and how well they listen to suggestions. They have been improving their free site throughout this school year. I greatly appreciate that they listened to concerns about privacy and added protective measures.

- Amy B